About us

Technophany is a journal of the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology, dedicated to the philosophical and historical studies of technologies.

Mission and Vision

Technophany is a journal dedicated to the thinking of science and technology. It is founded in view of the need to create a singular and unconventional space for reflections on philosophy and technology, which is diminishing today due to dogmatic academic practices and their reluctance to confront challenges imposed by the industrial world. Technophany aims to facilitate original reflections and provocations on the philosophy and history of technology, and contribute to the reshaping of the contemporary landscape of thought.

Editorial Board

Anders Dunker
Chien-hung Huang
Yuk Hui (Founding Editor)
Pieter Lemmens (Editorial Chair)
Anna Longo
Patricia Reed
Daniel Ross

Joel White (Editorial Executive)


Typesetting, Site design and maintenance: Edwin Lo

Managing editor: Ashley Lee Wong

ISSN: 2773-0875

About Research Network for Philosophy and Technology

The Research Network for Philosophy and Technology was established in 2014 as a project to rethink the relation between philosophy and technology, and the future of this relation from global and historical perspectives. It is first of all an attempt to address the varieties of technological thought, in comparison with and also beyond the dominant Promethean discourses. It also wants to elaborate on and develop further the relevance between non-modern thoughts and modern technologies. These questions are often undermined and ignored in the established academic disciplines on technology and philosophy; this is also the reason for which this network hopes to bring together different points of views and new thinking, based on solid historical research, philosophical speculations and experiments.

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